Ben 10: Hero Time
Season 1, Episode 1
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Written by ET
Directed by ET
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Hero Time is the movie-length series premier to Ben 10: Hero Time.


10 year old Ben is mucking around in his final class before summer vacation begins. After school ends he is cornered by two bullies, Cash and JT. They try to fight him but Ben is lucky enough to throw one good punch to scare them off. When his Grandpa arrives Ben boards his RV to find his cousin which he is unhappy to see. A montage of events during the vacation show. 15 Year old Ben is shown at school. He is shown to be popular and smart and athletic. After school he asks his best friend Kai out on a date and the two become an item. During their date that night they are approached by a Galvan of which they are not shocked to meet (due to being introduced to the Plumbers). He explains that he is Azmuth and that the Earth will be needing Ben shortly, then hands him the Omnitrix. With that he leaves. Ben decides to check out the Omnitrix and transforms. Then there is reports of a man breaking and entering into a factory. Ben and Kai go and check it out and find 16 year old Kevin E. Levin stealing energy from the factory. He begins attacking the couple but they fight him off. The movie ends with Ben, Gwen and Kai talking to Grandpa Max and with Kevin far away swearing on vengence.


Act IEdit

It was a nice and sunny day. There were a few clouds in the sky, but they were only small. Although, far away there were large, dark clouds. But it didn't matter, a storm couldn't ruin one of the best days of a kids life - the beginning of summer vacation. All the 5th graders were jumping around in their seats like crickets that had just been shaken around in a jar. One boy, Benjamin Tennyson was writing a note on a piece of paper and folding it into a plane as he spoke to his friend.

'So what are you doing on your vacation?' his friend asked.

'Just travelling the country with my grandpa in his RV' Ben replied. He realised that he had written down "RV" in the middle of the sheet while he was distracted talking to his friend. Ben ferociously erased it and then folded the plane together. He aimed it towards his friend on the other side of the class, motioned his arm back and forth a few times then let the plane go. It began gliding perfectly through the air, heading towards the designated area, then a breeze from the storm that was brewing far away blew through the window, pushing Ben's plane in the wrong direction. Towards his teacher. The plane hit her right in the forehead while she had her head down, reading a book. She looked up and saw Ben's guilty face and immediately knew he had done something wrong. She searched her desk to find the item that had hit her and lifted the paper plane. The teacher began inspecting it and noticed some words written inside. She pulled it apart and read the message:

' Last day of school for the year! No more class with this smelly teacher. I wonder if she ever baths?' The teacher looked at Ben infuriatingly, then another breeze blew in, wafting the smell from her underarms to her nose. She remained angry but realised that she did have a B.O. problem and sat down feeling humiliated.

The bell rang and all the students ran out of their classroom. Ben rushed to his locker and pulled out his backpack along with a few suitcases.. He didn't care about any loose items or the fact that he left his locker opened, he darted to the outside of the school excited to begin his big summer-trip. While he waited on a bench he noticed the friend he had been talking to was being cornered by the two bullies: Cash and JT. Ben couldn't just stand around ignoring it, especially when it was his friend. But on the other hand Cash and JT were older by a year, they had just been held back. He couldn't wait any longer to make a decision.

Ben rushed over to help his friend.

'HEY! Leave him alone!' Ben shouted. Cash and JT were grinning before they had even turned to see Ben.

'What are you going to do about it, Tennyson?' Cash asked. Before he had answered the two had begun cornering him.

'Why don't you guys fight me one-on-one? Why don't you fight anyone one-on-one? You are both big girls, too scared to be beaten up. That's why no matter how much smaller we are than you you always have to attack in pairs like a pack of wolves!' Ben shouted. JT thought about it but Cash punched him on the shoulder.

'Don't listen to him!' Cash shouted.

'He's right, Cash. You're on your own for this one' JT said. Cash cracked him right in the jaw. JT hobbled off, trying not to cry.

'You're in for it now, Tennyson!' Cash shouted. He lunged at Ben but Ben began controlling his fear and his rage. He put them both together and moved the energy down to his fists. He balled his hands together and swung his strong arm, the right one, back and pushed forward. Connection. Ben's right fist smashed Cash right in the middle of his face. Cash dropped to the ground, dazed. He was laughing, crying and struggling to put together what had just happened - all at the same time. He lifted himself off the ground, touched his nose and felt the huge lump on it. Cash rubbed his nostrils and looked at his fingers. There was blood everywhere. Ben had broken his nose.

"Did I just do that to Cash?" Ben asked. Cash struggled to stand but once he did he ran off in the other direction. Ben headed off to return to the park bench he had been sitting on when he heard his friend call out to him.

'Thanks' his friend said. Ben smiled and turned back around to see Grandpa Max grabbing Ben's luggage and placing it into his RV. Ben was shocked to realise his granddad was watching him fight. He quickly ran over and hugged him.

'Hey, kiddo' Max said.

'Hey, grandpa. Aren't you angry at me for breaking that guys nose?' Ben asked.

'You broke his nose?' Max asked. Ben looked at the floor, guiltily. 'Well, no. I saw them trying to beat up on your friend and I saw you come to his rescue. That was a pretty heroic thing for you to do, Ben. I'm proud of you' Max explained. Ben was beaming as he entered the RV.

'WHAT A PUNCH!' a familiar voice shouted. Ben fell sideways from the loud noise.

'G-Gwen?' Ben asked.

'I never knew you could hit that hard!' she said.

'I kinda channelled all my fear and rag--'

'I even heard you reasoning with them! I can't believe my doofus cousin could have thought of something so smart!' At that moment Ben remembered the rivalry he had with his cousin and immediately his face grew long.

'Grandpa! What is she doing here?' he shouted.

'Hey, I didn't ask to come. My mom says that "It will be an adventure"'

'Great, I come for a vacation and get stuck with you all summer' Ben complained. He walked over to the beds and began unpacking his suitcase.

'So, where're we heading to first, Grandpa?' Gwen asked.

'Well I was thinking of spending the first night at an old campsite I used to visit all the time!' Grandpa answered.

'What's there?' Ben asked, implying why he spent so much time there. Max had a heart-broken look on his face. He put his hand to the left side of his chest and clutched his heart.

'It's where I spent most of my time with your grandmother...' he answered. Ben and Gwen were in shock by this. Max realised they weren't old enough to talk about this and he instantly changed the subject. 'They have a lake there and it is beautiful. There's also a forest beside the campsite that we are parking at. You guys are going to love it. We can make a fire, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories. This summer is going to be a blast!' Max continued to go on for the next hour but his two grandchildren remained silent.

Gwen was searching the web on her laptop while Ben was playing "Space Invaders VII: Rise of the Morphers" on his gameboy. Gwen was searching up things about mystical spells, she was intrigued by the idea of magic. They were still in shock from the mention of their grandmother who they had never met. Ben just started a new level on his game. Space Invaders VII: Rise of the Morphers was a game where aliens with the ability to change their form began invading Earth and only one was good and helped Earth. That was Ben's character. He was on a new "Boss" level. He had to fight one of the Twelve evil Morphers. Ben morphed into a fire alien and was flying around on clouds of magma, shooting flames at his enemy. His enemy was in the form of a green and black goo-like alien. It reformed into a person and began shooting lasers from its eye. Ben's character morphed into a red four-armed character and began bashing into it. Just as he started winning the enemy morphed into a blue dinosaur-like character and began running on the water. Ben transformed into a fish morph and dove into the water. When he hit the water his feet merged into a tail and the lure on his head lit up. He chased after the morph. He was about to catch it when Gwen tugged on his shirt. Ben looked over to her and pulled out his earphones.

'We're here' she informed him. Ben noticed the Rustbucket slowing down and turned off his video game.

'WE'RE HERE GUYS!' he shouted excitedly. He unbuckled and ran to the door. 'Just wait here, I am going to go check in with the park-ranger.'

That night the three of them were sitting outside the Rustbucket. They had a separate log for each of them to sit on and just as Max had said, they were roasting marshmallows on a fire.

'So how was your final day of school, Ben?' Max asked.

'It was okay, we just watched movies and cleaned. I guess I could have done that at home though. Hehe, at the end of the day I was mucking around with my friends and wrote a note in a paper plane. When I threw it the plane was headed right for my friend but a breeze blew it over to my teacher and she read it...'

'What did it say?' Gwen asked.

'Something about school ending and her having bad B.O...' Ben said, feeling a bit bad. Suddenly a downpour began. Grandpa looked at the sky and saw the dark clouds and the flashes of bright blue light in the sky.

'Ben, you help me pack everything up. Gwen, you go get us the ropes and pegs and hammers and the raincoats' Max instructed. Gwen got up and ran into the Rustbucket. Ben began grabbing anything left behind outside while Max blew out the fire. When Gwen got back out she handed Max and Ben a raincoat each.

'What do you need us to do now?' Gwen asked.

'Each of you go tie these ropes up to the Rustbucket and hold the pegs to the ground, I'll come around and hammer them into the ground' Max answered. They did as told. Max began tying a rope around part of the Rustbucket himself, then he stretched out the rope and hammered a peg into the ground firmly. Next he hammered Gwen's peg in, ordering her into the Rustbucket. Then Ben's. They all rushed into the door.

Meanwhile, up in space. Two ships were flying past Earth. One carried small frog-like creatures. The other had a squid-like alien with robot minions.

'Master Vilgax. The Galvans are gaining speed' one reported. Vilgax looked out a window to see the Galvan spaceship ahead of them. It was speeding along.

Inside the Galvan Spaceship.

'Azmuth, we can't keep running forever. Eventually they will lock onto us and blow up the ship' a Galvan told the leader.

'We must protect the Omnitrix at all costs! If Vilgax gets a hold of it there is no telling what he could do!' Azmuth commanded. 'Fire up our most powerful beam' he said.

'But, sir, what if Vilgax catches up to us before we can shoot him out?'

'I have my hand over the eject button. If we are hit my hand will push down and the Omnitrix will be ejected and will be sent directly to Max Tennyson' Azmuth explained. They charged up the beam and shot it at Vilgax's ship. Direct hit. The spaceship blew up into pieces and plumetted towards Earth.

There was a big flash and bang at the same time. The three looked up at the sky and saw a ball of fire. It began plumetting towards the forest. Max didn't say a word, just grabbed out three fire extinguishers.

'Follow me' he shouted.

'But won't the rain put it out?' Ben asked, following Max.

'Not with this wind. The wind will give it more energy, enough to burn through the water and burn down the entire campsite!' Gwen answered. The three ran off.

When they got into the forest there were a few spaceship parts on fire, but no extreme bush-fire.

'Grandpa, what's going on?' Gwen asked, scared. Ben was getting spooked too. Max wasn't answering, he just continued walking. He had fears that it may be an alien invasion. Soon he found a body. Gwen and Ben stopped beside him.

'Grandpa, why are there spaceship parts and a dead squid in the middle of a forest?' Ben asked. Max didn't answer. They weren't sure if he couldn't hear over the water hitting his raincoat or if he was just keeping a secret.

'Vilgax...' Max finally said. He had a sad expression, worried about what could have done this to such a powerful villain, worried about what might be coming for earth. For his family. He grabbed the remains of Vilgax's body and took it over to a hole which had been blown into the ground. He began grabbing clumps of dirt and covering it. Without another word to his grandchildren he began searching the area. Ben and Gwen just watched on in fear over what had happened to their grandfather. Suddenly he shouted. They ran over to him.

'The Galvans! It was a Galvan beam! They just killed him in defence! No war for Earth!' Max shouted excitedly. Then he realised just how scared his grandchildren were.

'Grandpa...' Gwen whispered.

'Let's go back to the Rustbucket. We can have a shower to warm up and I'll explain everything there.'

'... and that is the Plumbers, that is how I know Vilgax and that is the truth about your grandmother.'

'So Grandma was an alien that could cast spells and shoot energy. Sorry, "mana"?' Gwen asked. Max nodded. 'That is so cool!' she shouted.

'And you kids may have even inherited some of her abilities' Max added. Gwen's face lit up. Ben still hadn't commented. 'You okay, champ?' Max asked.

'It's just, you have done all those great things for us. For the world. And now you are just going to live your life in an RV without a wife and without any recognition. It's sickening' Ben said, upset. Gwen hugged him. Ben was shocked by this, but embraced it. He hugged her back and sobbed quietly. When they let go Ben rubbed the snot off of his nose.

'Ben, I don't mind not being spoken about. I know I did great as long as I see my family grow up safe and happy' Max added. Ben nodded. 'So, where to next?' Max asked eagerly. He was extremely happy that they knew his secret.

A month later and they were still on the road.

'So, where are we headed now?' Ben asked. He and Gwen were playing a game between his gameboy and her laptop. Since the first day of vacation they had gotten very close.

'To an Indian Reserve. One of my Plumber buddies lives there with his granddaugher, Kai. She is about your age' Max answered. Ben was very interested when he heard this.

'Really? She's our age?' Ben asked. Gwen whacked him across the back of his head.

'Concentrate on the game! We're almost dead! Game first, love-life second' she said coldly. Ben looked back at his gameboy and appologised.

'We're here guys!' Max shouted. Ben shut Gwen's laptop lid. Gwen climbed out of her bed and put down a book titled 'Tomorrow, When the War Began', an Australian novel. Ben and Gwen looked out the window and watched clouds drawing in on an Indian-style festival.

'Oh look, there's Kai' Max pointed out. Ben and Gwen looked over to where he was pointing. A cute young girl was in Native American clothing and doing a dance. There was a crowd around her, watching on in enthusiasm. Immediately, Ben was infatuated with her.

'Let's go check it out!' Ben shouted. Before anyone could answer he was out the door and at the front of the crowd. Max and Gwen followed.

After the dance had finished Max heard a familiar voice:

'Max Tennyson?'

'Wes? Is that you!' Max replied. He ran over and hugged one of the natives. 'Ben, Gwen, this is Wes. He is an ex-plumber' Max introduced.

'Was everybody a Plumber?' Ben asked, groaning loudly. Wes laughed.

'You'd be surprised' Wes answered. Then Kai walked over. 'Kai, this is Max, Ben and Gwen. Max is an ex-plumber like myself. Although, he was much better at the job than me' Wes introduced. 'Everyone, this is Kai - my granddaughter.'

'I remember back when you were walking around in diapers' Max said, patting her back.

'I've heard many stories about your greatness' Kai said.

'Ohh, shucks' Max said, blushing.

'Kids, we are heading to a plumbers reunion tonight so you had better get friendly' Wes said, pushing Kai towards Ben and Gwen. Ben tried to hide his smug smile. Suddenly it began raining softly. People began walking off for shelter. Max, Wes and Gwen began walking for shelter too. Kai was grabbing her dance equipment and Ben was helping her. Then it all happened. So fast, so dangerous. So horrible. The rain began bucketing down, putting dints into the ground. There were flashes in the sky. One giant bolt flashed down, hitting the ground right beside Kai. It sent her flying through the air, unconscious.

'KAI!' Wes and Max shouted. Wes jumped out from his shelter, followed by Max. Suddenly Wes was pushed away. He scrambled back to the shelter.

'Flash flooding' Max reported when he pulled himself out of the water. Everyone watched Ben - it was his time to be a hero.

Ben looked at the simmering ground behind him, then he saw the water beginning to gush through. He looked over at Kai's unconscious body and began bolting towards her. He watched as the water quickly began getting closer. Then within seconds, it was pushing on his back. Ben was being pushed forward, pulled in the current.

'Ben!' Wes shouted. Max knew Ben's strength.

'Get beneath the current and grab Kai!' Max shouted. Ben struggled to arrange himself but he finally got it. He watched as the water began getting closer to Kai's body. Then it disappeared. Ben quickly swam under and grabbed her. Everyone held their breaths, waiting for Ben and Kai to reappear on the surface for air. Ten seconds... Twenty seconds... They gave up.

'Wait!' Gwen shouted, pointing to a spot not too far from where Ben had gone under. Kai's face was above the surface. She was still unconscious but she was breathing and not choking on any water. Then Ben appeared, holding her. He choked and gasped in air. He quickly began swimming with the current, but to the right where he could grab hold of the roof of some underwater stalls.

'I can't get far enough without going under and I can't go back under with Kai...' Ben said to himself, panting like a dog at the same time. Then he found it. A raft had been on sale before the flash-flooding. It was slightly broken up and was stuck to a rock but it was perfect for Ben to put Kai while he went under. After putting her down he gave her a quick inspection. Her right arm was extremely bruised, possibly broken, but it looked like she was still breathing fine. He dove under the water and began searching.

"I need some sort of funnel to put into her mouth while we got underwater so she can breath" Ben thought as he searched the sea-floor, feeling everywhere with his hands like a platypus. Then he spotted it. A sign had been tied to a stall with rope. If he could just get the rope and tie it to the raft he may be able to pull Kai through the water and hold onto her with the rope while he hangs onto the stalls. Ben puffed out his cheeks more, holding onto the lasts pieces of oxygen left in his mouth, then he grabbed onto the rope and pulled it out.

When Ben was back on the surface he searched for the raft Kai was on. There was nothing around. Had the current pushed him away without him even noticing? No, the rock that the raft had been perched on was still there except a huge chunk was missing off the top of it. The current had ripped it off the rocks and pulled it towards an area that flowed like rapid.

'Ben! Quick, get her!' Gwen shouted. Ben saw as the raft began speeding up it also began bouncing around which was slowly pushing Kai's body to the edge. He dove under the water and swam to his right. He grabbed onto a wooden pole and climbed up it, onto the roof of the stall. Then he began running over each roof until he was right beside Kai. She was about to fall into the water and they were almost at the rapids. If she fell in the raft would float away and Ben wouldn't be able to carry her any longer. Quickly he dove into the water, just as she dropped into the water. Ben grabbed the raft and tied a horrible knot onto it, then he dove under and grabbed Kai, quickly pulling her up onto the raft. Then it began. The rapids.

'Ahahahahahahahahah!' Ben screamed as they went down each bump in the water, gaining speed each time. From the side, Max, Gwen and Wes were following them. Suddenly Kai began groaning.

'Ben?' she asked.

'Just keep your head down' Ben said, coldly. Kai started sobbing uncontrollably. Not because of the pain or because she had been yelled out, simply because she wasn't with it. Ben grabbed each side of the raft and slowly turned it to the right so that it wouldn't tip. As it moved forward fast it slowly inched to the side. Finally the were close enough. 'Hold on, Kai!' Ben shouted.

'Okay' she sniffled. Ben tumbled into the water without standing up and began swimming towards the side. The raft began moving to the side faster and finally Ben reemerged. He climbed up a pole and sat down on one of the beams, tying the rope to it. He pulled Kai towards him and sat comfortably, regaining his breath. Finally, the struggle was over. They just had to wait for the flooding to calm.

Then a problem occured. Something that was partially Ben's fault, but he couldn't be blamed for it.

'Ben, look out!' Wes shouted. He wondered what would be in the sky, heading for him. He ducked down and then realised what it was. He had tied a bad knot when he was rushing to bring Kai up from under the water. The rope had let go and Kai's raft began speeding through the water. Ben was in a state of shock but had no time to worry about shock because the wooden beam he had been sitting on snapped, dropping itself along with Ben into the water. Ben struggled to get to the surface but he clung to the beam and it slowly floated to the top, bringing him up with it. He gripped it and began kicking his legs as fast as he could so that he could reach Kai.

'BEN!' Kai shouted. She was fast approaching a small waterfall. Ben put his body flat against the beam and it began travelling through the water much faster. He reached Kai's raft and jumped onto it. He pulled the wooden beam out of the water and began paddling against the current.

'Kai, there is a rope in my back pocket, do you think you could pull it out and tie to to the raft?' Ben asked. Kai clutched her arm and then answered.

'I think my arm may be broken but it's better than death, isn't it?' then she grabbed the rope out of his back pocket and tied it onto the raft. 'Done, it isn't very tight though and we are just going to have the same problem as last time' she reported.

'That's okay' Ben answered. He flicked the beam of wood onto the raft and quickly tightened the knot as fast as he could.

'What are you going to do?' Kai asked. Without answering Ben tumbled back into the water - he didn't want to stand and dive incase it tipped the raft. He swam over to another pole in the water and climbed it onto the roof of a stall. Luckily this one was a metal roof and wouldn't break as easily. He tied the rope from the raft onto it. Ben sat down once again, completely exhausted. He realised just how close he had cut it. They were centimeters away from falling down the water fall. Then he heard Kai scream.

'KAI!' he shouted. He looked over the edge and saw that the rope had stretched out far enough to allow for the raft to hang over the edge. Kai held onto it with her one good hand. Ben untied the rope from the pole and began running over to be at side by side to the edge of the falls. He mustered up all his strength to pull it upwards until Kai's hand was close enough for him to reach. He tied the rope onto the metal beams and grabbed onto Kai's hand.

'Ben!' she screamed. 'I can't hold on much longer!'

'I've got you!' Ben shouted, realising he wasn't holding tight enough. He was barely touching her and she couldn't feel his presence at all. Ben swung his other hand around and pulled her up over the edge and onto the roof. Kai collapsed from exhaustion and pain right there and then. Ben managed to pull the raft over, tie it up as their bed and then passed out on it himself.

When Ben awoke he was in a hospital. A nurse was checking his results. When he looked over the clipboard and saw Ben was awake he smiled.

'Rise and shine, little hero' he said warmly.

'Where am I?' You're in the New Mexico Hospital. Can you remember what happened?' the nurse asked, pulling out a pen.

'Well there was a huge flash of lightning that hurt Kai. I went chasing after her and we got caught in the flash flooding. I had to drag her on a raft and we got caught going down rapids and she nearly fell down a waterfall. She could only hold onto the raft with one arm while she was dangling down because she thought her other arm was broken then it goes all hazy... Wait, where's Kai and is she okay?' Ben demanded. The nurse didn't answer, just wrote down on the clipboard.

'Well it looks like the only damage you have are a few bumps and bruises. Don't worry about Kai. She suspected right, she only had a broken arm. Lucky you were there to help otherwise she would have brain damage from lack of oxygen to her brain. Or she wouldn't have anything at all because she wouldn't be here... You are a big hero, bud' the nurse reported. Max, Gwen and Wes walked into Ben's room.

'How are you feeling?' Gwen asked. Max rubbed his hair.

'I'm fine' Ben said enthusiastically, jumping out of the bed. Suddenly Wes lifted him and began smuthering him in a bear-hug.

'Thank you for saving Kai. Once we leave the hospital and return to my home I have a great reward for you' Wes thanked. Ben blushed.

'It's O-'

'No, you must be praised' Wes said firmly.

'Let's go see Kai' Max suggested. They all began walking towards her room.

In Kai's room she lay in bed with one of her arms elevated. She was in a gown and eating some food.

'Thank you so much, Ben, for saving me' she thanked. Ben blushed.

'Really, it was nothing' he said, looking at the floor embarrassed.

'How are we going to get home without the Rustbucket?' Max complained.

'All our stuff must be destroyed!' Gwen shouted.

'Calm down, guys. The police have searched everywhere that the water flowed through and there was no sign of the Rustbucket which means it was just pushed away by the water. It should turn up within the next day. Meanwhile I can show you guys what we will be going to the reuinion in...' Wes said, signalling in another direction. Everyone followed him into a small garage. 'Are you ready for this, Max?'

'We are going to arrive being pulled by horse, aren't we?' Max asked. Wes pulled the sheets off a car, revealing a shining Ferrari. Wes smiled proudly while Kai dug her head into her hand, embarrassed.

'Could I please speak with Ben for a moment?' Wes asked. Everyone headed out. Wes knelt down on one knee to talk with Ben.

'Are you giving me the car?' Ben asked, confused. Wes laughed.

'No, it is something hidden inside the car.' Wes walked over to the front of it and pressed down on the badge. It opened up revealing a hand-scanner. Wes put his palm onto it and it began scanning his palm-print. Then was a beeping noise and then the car spoke.

'Hand-print recognised. Welcome, Wes. Plumber ID #471.' Then the car began opening out into a doorway. Wes and Ben walked through into a Plumber base hidden right inside Wes' car.

'Woah!' Ben said, amazed by the technology hidden inside.

'Follow me' Wes said, leading him in another direction. Ben followed until Wes suddenly stopped. Wes pushed his hand out into the air and it suddenly stop as though the air became a door. There was a beeping noise as though he pushed a button and a necklace appeared in his hand.

'A few weeks ago I was having a very slow day. I kept an ear out on the plumber scanner and sure enough there was an alien attack. It was an alien werewolf. It's species was a Loboan but it is called the Yenaldooshi. In my country we believed the alien to be a regular werewolf that was weak to a special cactus. We also believed that if you sprinkled a special liquid from a certain cactus onto a silver medallion that it would be enough to kill the werewolf. Of course this was wrong due to it being an alien. So anyway, I scared it away and was lucky enough to score one of it's teeth. When I returned I dribbled the liquid from the cactus over the tooth and melted it. The liquid hardened over the tooth, making it constantly change colors. It is a beautiful necklace and I would like for you to have it' Wes said, handing the necklace over to Ben. Ben knew that if he said no Wes would be offended. Not because Ben didn't like it but because it symbolised that Ben was too important to receive gifts.

'Gee, I am speech-less, Wes' Ben said. 'Thank you so much.' The two walked out and the car folded up automatically. They returned into the house.

Max and Wes were in suits. There were hidden plummer tech all over them due to them being Plumber Suits. Max was attmepting to straighten out his bow-tie.

'Gee, Wes, would you mind fixing up my bow?' Max asked. Wes shook his head.

'You know I'm as hopeless as a blind dog with no hands when it comes to tying bow-ties' Wes claimed. He held up his wristwatch and poked it. It beeped. Wes began spinning the watch around until finally he pushed down on it. A red light shot out and scanned the area, then locked onto Max and his bow. The bow began moving around from side to side until finally it stopped, right in the middle. Perfectly straight.

'What would I do without you, Wes?' Max asked. They headed towards the door.

'Okay, kids, we will be home just after midnight so stay out of trouble' Wes reassured.

'We will' Kai said. Max walked over and high-fived Ben.

'Oh, sorry champ, I had a bit of gel on my hands. My handprint is stuck on your palm now, you might want to go wash that off' Max appologised.

'Hey, let's go check out what Gwen is doing' Kai said once they had left. She ran off.

'Are you sure you should be running with a broken arm?' Ben asked. No reply. He followed her and they found Gwen studying on her laptop. 'Typical, doing school work on a summer vacation' Ben groaned. Kai laughed.

'If you must know I am studying magical spells. Seeing as our grandma was an Anodite and we may have inherited her abilities I am going to try and figure mine out by using spells. Here is one! It's a self-defense spell. "Reptarila Provokus!" ' she chanted. No result. Gwen held out her hand and said it again. 'Reptarila Provokus!' Again there was no result. Gwen concentrated, held out her hand and chanted the spell once more: 'Reptarila Provokus!' Suddenly her hand began glowing pink as a sheet of pink energy rose out of the ground and out of it a serpent jumped out. It began slithering around, looking for a target to attack. Gwen continued reading about the spell, then concentrated on the serpent. She closed her fist and the serpent rolled up into a ball. She moved her hand around and the ball began moving through the air. Finally she allowed for it to fade away.

'Okay, now that was cool!' Ben said, amazed by his cousin's skills. Gwen held out her hands infront of her and concentrated her energy. Her palms began glowing pink.

'Mana...' she mumbled. Gwen continued searching up spells for a while before packing away her laptop and sitting down with Ben and Kai.

'So, I am moving to Bellwood' Kai announced.

'Really? What school are you going to?' Ben asked.

'Yours' Kai replied. Suddenly there was a bang and a growl.

'What was that?' Ben asked. The three of them got up and ran. They saw a giant Loboan staring at them. Then it turned to look at Ben's necklace... 'The Yenaldooshi!' Ben shouted. Gwen's palms lit up with mana.

'Ben, what is that?' Gwen asked, shaking. The Yenaldooshi began inching closer to them, growling and showing it's missing tooth.

'The Yenaldooshi' Kai and Ben said together. Gwen quickly threw two mana blasts at it, then bolted in the other direction.

'RUN!' she shouted. The two followed her. Gwen was leading most of the way until Ben got an idea and took over. The two girls followed him through the house and out the front door. Then they ran off to the Rustbucket which had been found.

'Gwen, hold it back!' Ben demanded.

'Oh yeah, what are we going to do, drive the Rustbucket?' Gwen asked sarcastically. She listened though. The minute the Yenaldooshi burst out of the door she began reciting her spell. 'Reptarila Provokus!' she chanted. Her hands glew pink as she drew a wall infront of her. Out of it a large reptile shot out. The first time around it had been a serpent, this time it was an alligator. The alligator saw the Yenaldooshi and stood on it's hind legs. The two began wrestling while Gwen held the mana shield over herself, Ben and Kai.

Meanwhile, Ben was searching the car for a badge. Nothing. But there was a hood ornament on the hood, just where it should be. Ben pushed down on it and it suddenly opened up.

'YES!' Ben shouted.

'What is that?' Kai asked.

'It's the entrance to a secret plumbers base hidden in all of their cars. You need the owner's hand print to get in' Ben explained.

'How are you going to get in? You and your grandpa may--'

'Guys! Hurry up!' Gwen shouted, struggling to hold up her mana shield. The Yenaldooshi was bashing on it. 'Contego!' Gwen shouted. The wall became much stronger and all the cracks that had been over it disappeared.

'You and your grandpa may share DNA but you don't share the same handprints' Kai pointed out.

'I'm not that dumb' Ben argued. 'He high fived me while he had gel in his hands, putting his hand print over mine' Ben said. He pushed his hand onto the scanner and pulled it back off again, watching the gel peel off. The car opened up and Ben and Kai ran in.

'Gwen!' Kai shouted. Gwen looked behind and nearly lost control of her mana shield from shock. She pushed the shield forward, throwing it and the Yenaldooshi into the wall of the house, then she ran into the car and watched it close up as she entered.

'So, what are we going to do here?' Gwen asked, watching Ben pant and attempt to catch his breath.

'Do you have your laptop?' Ben asked, kind of begging that she did.

'Yeah' Gwen answered, holding out her hands and flashing in her laptop. 'I just used an invisibility spell mixed along with a levitation spell to get it to follow me around.'

'Well could you call grandpa through your laptop...' There was a long period of silence with Ben looking at a wall. Gwen thought he may be sick.

'Are you okay?' she asked. Then she saw a smile grow on his face and saw him walk over to the walls.

'Kai, Gwen, come grab a gun each...'

The Rustbucket suddenly opened as Ben, Gwen and Kai ran out. They all had a laser rifle in their hands and a plasma gun in their pockets. The Yenaldooshi wasn't expecting it at all. Gwen mumbled a spell and a window appeared infront of the Yenaldooshi. It began sniffing and investigating the pink window but it suddenly stretched out into a fist and punched the Yenaldooshi right in the face. As it stumbled back the window disappeared and reappeared behind it, throwing another punch. This continued on for about ten seconds before the Yenaldooshi began sonic screeching at the mana windows, breaking them apart.

Just as it got free from the windows Gwen shot small mana blasts at it. The Yenaldooshi's frustration and anger began growing. It howled and then rolled into a ball. In ball form it began howling, sending out sonic waves. It rolled towards the group but Ben and Kai began shooting at it with their laser rifle. When there was no effect Gwen jumped infront.

'CONTEGO!' she shouted. A mana wall appeared and Gwen began manipulating it's shape. The wall formed into a ramp. As the Yenaldooshi rolled up it grew great speed and flew into the air. It unrolled and flailed throguh the air, trying to stop itself from falling. As it got closer and closer the three kids shot at it with their laser rifles.

'I'm out of ammo!' Kai shouted. Ben passed her his own laser rifle and pulled out his plasma gun. He charged at the Yenaldooshi and jumped through the air, shooting plasma beams at it. Suddenly the Yenaldooshi jumped into the air and hit Ben down like a volley ball. Kai quickly bashed the magazine on the rifle onto her fibre-glass cast and then charged. The Yenaldooshi flew like a balloon that had been popped when both the laser rifle hit it and Gwen's mana blast.

'Ben!' Gwen shouted, running to him. Ben rubbed his head and tried to shake some dust off his clothes. 'Are you okay?' Gwen asked.

'Doesn't matter. The Yenaldooshi isn't and we have to try and get it while it is down. Come on!' Ben took off with the plasma gun in his hands towards the injured Yenaldooshi. Gwen and Kai followed. Once they reached the body they all began shooting at it. The Yenaldooshi was very durable. Gwen's rifle ran out of ammo and she dropped it. Instead of pulling out her plasma gun she held out her hands. They began glowing pink and she threw the mana at the Yenaldooshi. There was a big gush of dust.

'Is it dead?' Kai asked as the dust began clearing.

'Not even close' Ben said. He put his hand into one of his pockets and pulled out another gun. He held it out and shot it at the Yenaldooshi. A yellow portal opened up and sucked the Yenaldooshi in, then the portal disappeared.

'Whew' Gwen said, wiping her forehead.

'We had better get back inside' Ben said.

'Don't you think we should try and hide the weapons?' Kai asked.

'What's the point. They are going to know something happened when they find the place that the Yenaldooshi broke in from' Ben answered. With that they walked in and each fell asleep on the couch.

'WHAT HAPPENED HERE?' Wes shouted. Ben, Gwen and Kai all woke up at the same time. Max and Wes ran into the room.

'Care to explain?' Max said, narrowing his eyes towards Ben. Ben turned to Wes.

'The Yenaldooshi returned...' he said. Wes looked very shocked. 'It wanted it's tooth back' Ben added. 'Kind of pathetic returning just for it's tooth if you ask me.'

'The Yenaldooshi?' Max asked.

'A Loboan...' Wes said. 'A few weeks ago I was very bored so I listened out on the Plumber scanners. There were reports of a Loboan on the loose. I called it the Yenaldooshi. I managed to nab it's tooth and I gave it to Ben as a reward for saving my granddaughter. How did you survive?'

'Well I figured that if your car had a Plumbers base hidden inside it, so would Grandpa Max's. With the handprint Grandpa left on my hand with his gel I managed to get inside. We hid in there for a little bit but then we got a few laser rifles and plasma guns and fought back. There wasn't much effect so Gwen just shot it with mana and then I sent it to the Null Void' Ben explained.

'Mana? The Null Void? Now I am very confused' Max said.

'I've been trying to figure out how to unlock my Anotide heritage and I managed to do so through spells. Now I can cast spells and create mana objects' Gwen explained.

'I remembered you telling us about the Null Void being another dimension that you stored the bad guys in. So when I got in there I grabbed it, knowing it would come in handy.'

'Well luckily I showed you how to get into there today and that Max left his handprint on your palm. And lucky they found the Rustbucket!' Wes said.

'Lucky you three are alright' Max said.

Act IIEdit

A 15 year old Ben was in class with his science partner, Julie Yamamoto. As well as being his science partner, she was his bestfriend. Ben was popular amongst his peers and many of the younger students at his school looked up to him.

'So basically, when someone develops cancer it is a mutation to their DNA. Doctors use radiation to kill off the mutations which rids the person of their cancer' the teacher explained. Ben, Julie, Gwen, Kai, and two boys named James and Kyle were bestfriends.

'So, you think I should build up the nerve to ask Kai out yet?' Ben asked Julie. She smiled, punched him on the shoulder and whispered:

'Go get 'em, tiger.' Ben pulled out a necklace with a giant alien wolf tooth hanging off it, squeezed it tightly, then walked over to Kai.

'Hey, Ben' she said warmly, patting the seat beside her. Ben blushed as he sat down.

'So I was wondering if you would like to.. Uh, go out with me?' Ben asked.

'You mean be your girlfriend or go out on a date with you and end up being your girlfriend? I choose both' Kai said.

'Really?' Ben asked, astounded by Kai's interest in him.

'Sure, where are we going?'

'Well, I could take you out to a movie tonight' Ben said.

'Sure, I'll be ready by 6.'

'I'll be at your house no later.' Ben got up and walked back over to Julie. 'She said yes!' he said in a loud whisper. Julie high-fived him.

That night Ben was getting dressed for his date. He slipped on a long-sleeved black t-shirt. His dad walked in.

'Look at my spunky son, getting ready for a date' Carl sang. Ben pulled on his blue jeans and zipped up the fly.

'Dad!' Ben shouted. 'Why do you always have to sing and make jokes about these kinds of things?' Ben asked. When his dad didn't answer he spoke again as he proceeded to put on his shoes. 'Where's mom?'

'She's at a doctors appointment' Carl said, calmly. It was too calm and it concerned Ben a bit.

'Alright, well I'm going to pick up Kai' Ben said, heading out of his room, followed by his dad.

'Good luck on your date' Carl said. He waved Ben goodbye as he walked out.

As Ben walked down the street he noticed that he could he rustling in the bushes beside him. When the bushes ended he could hear footsteps behind him and then rustling once the bushes returned. Someone was following him. Then a masked man jumped out.

'Give me your phone and wallet' he shouted. The man jumped onto Ben's back and held a gun to his head. Ben tumbled forward, throwing the man through the air, then he ran into the bush. The man looked around for Ben. 'Come out come out wherever you are' he coaxed. Then he felt pressure against his head as Ben jumped out of the bushes and punched him right in the temple. The man dropped to the floor. Ben flicked the gun with his foot and threw it into the bushes. He had great soccer skills.

'Now it can be a fair fight' Ben said. Just as the man began getting up Ben tackled him back to the ground. The man tried throwing Ben into the floor but Ben began punching the man repeatedly in the head. Finally when the man stopped trying Ben rolled themselves over, close to a wall and threw the man into a wall. The man dropped to the ground. Ben dragged him over to the bush where his gun lay and left him there.

'That's why you never mess with a Tennyson' Ben said firmly before walking off again.

When Ben reached Kai's house she ran to the door. He could hear her running from inside.

'I'll get it!' she shouted to her parents before they had a chance to run over to the door.

'Hey, Kai' Ben said. 'You look, amazing!'

'Thanks, you do too except your shirt is really creased and muddy' Kai commented truthfully.

'Oh, yeah. Some guy tried to mug me on my way here' Ben explained.

'What?' Kai squealed.

'He followed me from my house. He stayed in the bushes most of the time and tackled me, then held his gun to my head and told me to give him my phone and wallet. But I dealt with him' Ben explained.

'Impressive' Kai said, admiring Ben's pectorials as they buldged out of his shirt. 'I'll just go get my jacket.'

Ben and Kai were watching an action/horror movie. It involved evil martians and frog aliens and murder and Earth being invaded. Some parts were gruesome, some humorous, others exciting. Suddenly, a holographic frog alien shot out of the screen.

'I didn't know this was 3D' Kai said to Ben.

'I could have sworn it wasn't' Ben said back to her. The small alien walked through the isle and jumped into Ben's lap.

'Ben Tennyson. Take me outside' it demanded. Ben looked at Kai, then the two got up and carried the alien outside.

'Who are you?' Ben asked.

'I am Azmuth. A Galvan scientist' it began introducing.

'You're Azmuth?' Ben shouted.

'So you have heard of me?' Azmuth asked.

'Well, only from my grandfather, Max Tennyson. You're the creator of the Omnitrix!' Ben stated.

'Precisely why I am here. Since the Omnitrix was first created I saw your grandfather as the perfect candidate to wield it. But since he is aging now I have been watching your progress. I was the one who killed Vilgax that night of your summer vacation five years ago. It was to protect the Omnitrix, the Earth and the entire Universe. With Vilgax out of the picture there has been barely any alien activity on earth. But now there are many new alien dangers that are going to arise. That is why, Ben Tennyson, I would like for you to accept and wield the Omnitrix. To defend Earth and the Universe. To protect you family. To protect your friends.'

'You want me to wield the strongest device ever created?' Ben asked. Azmuth nodded. 'Of course! But how does it work?' Ben asked.

'Oh you will figure that out as you go. But I must teach you the basic functions. The Omnitrix can switch your DNA with various other aliens, allowing for you to appear like them and use their abilities. It can scan new DNA and can unlock new aliens with codes or just with time. Another major function is that it can fix broken DNA' Azmuth explained. Then he pulled out a pod from his pocket and placed it on the floor. The pod popped up and grew larger, then opened up.

'Wow' Ben and Kai said.

'Ben Tennyson, Kai Green, this is the Omnitrix.' They stared at the beautiful glowing alien wristwatch. Azmuth lifted it and stepped closer to Ben. 'Ben Tennyson, I present to you the Omnitrix: You must use this wisely as my trust lies within you and the Universe's trust does too.' Ben held out his wrist and Azmuth placed the Omnitrix over it. Then, he disappeared.

'Thank you' Ben said quietly. There was a long period of silence.

'So, how does it work?' Kai asked curiously.

'I have no clue' Ben answered. Kai burst out in laughter. Ben placed his hands on each side and squeezed, then twisted. The Omnitrix's faceplate popped up. 'I guess I figured it out' he said. Ben scrolled through the holograms that appeared. A bat-like alien. Dog-like alien. Fat alien. Then it rolled into a ball.

'Woo, this one looks cool!' Ben said.

'What is it?' Kai asked.

'Some robot shark and rhino thing' Ben answered. 'Here goes...' Ben put his finger down and poked the faceplate. Nothing happened.

'Push down on it' Kai suggested. Ben pushed his hand all the way down. The Omnitrix made a beeping noise. Ben looked to his left hand where the Omnitrix was and noticed that his hands were growing into metal claws. It spread up his arm and onto his body, then down all the way to his feet. His face and upper torso merged together into a giant metal jaw. A beetle-like head grew out of the jaw and a shark/rhino horn grew from the head.

'Eatle!' Ben shouted. Kai jumped back, freaked out. 'Kai, it's just me' Ben said, soothingly.

'Yeah but you just grew ugly' Kai said coldly. Ben chuckled.

'So I wonder what this guy does...' Ben thought.

'Well you called yourself Eatle... That has eat in it. And he has a giant jaw. So I guess he eats stuff' Kai suggested.

'Wow, what a lame power' Ben commented. But he bent down and picked up a rock, then placed it in his mouth. The yellow slit in his horn began glowing a bright yellow.

'What does that mean?' Kai asked, scared. 'Are you going to blow up?'

'I don't know, but maybe if I do this...' Ben said. Suddenly a blast shot out from his horn and it sliced down a long row of trees. 'My bad...' Ben said guiltily. He walked over to the broken trees and began eating them, leaving no evidence that they had been there and were destroyed. Then Ben looked at the trunks that were stuck in the ground. He dug his claws into the and ripped them out of the ground, then swallowed them whole. Kai watched on, disgusted.

'Maybe this guy has got a cool power...' Ben said happily. Then he heard police sirens going through the streets.

'There's an armed hold up at the gas station!' their walkie talkies were going off. Ben and Kai looked at each other.

'Jump on' Ben said, signalling for her to climb onto his back. She grunted but listened. The two then ran off.

When they got to the gas station there were police everywhere. Some had riot shields, most were hidden behind their cars. Everyone could clearly see the man inside the gas station.


'Maybe you should go in there' Kai suggested. Eatle placed Kai on the ground and then walked out towards the police.

'WHAT'S THAT?' one of the officers screamed. Suddenly all their attention moved from the armed man inside to the robot walking through the crowd.

'My name is Eatle, I am here to stop this man from shooting anyone or stealing anything' Ben explained. 'I am an alien and I can eat things. I am just new to this and don't know the limit to what I can eat but I know that I can definitely eat solids such as rocks and trees. Please step aside and let me deal with this.' Ben walked over to the door. It was locked. No problem, he walked right through. The glass shattered around him but nobody seemed to mind other than the attendents who were pooing their pants.

'Stay there! I'll shoot you if you move another muscle!' the man threatened. Ben opened his mouth as wide as he could.

'Do your worst' he dared. The man pulled the trigger. In slow motion the bullet penetrated the air, flying through into Eatle's mouth. Suddenly a set of jaws clamped down on it, breaking apart some of the bullet, then another set of jaws inside his mouth clamped down, then another and more and more until the bullet was completely obliterated. 'The metals in the bullet, the gun powder. It makes me feel so, so... POWERFUL!' Eatle said as his horn began to glow a bright yellow color. The man watched in horror as the light rushed up his fin into a small energy ball that continued to grow.

'What are you doing?' he asked.

'Run' Eatle said. He shot the energy beam, just missing the man but throwing him back. When he stopped he walked over and ripped off the mans mask. He had an ugly but recognisable face. Carl Nesmith. 'Captain Nemesis!' Eatle shouted. Carl charged out of the building through a crack that Ben had just created. Eatle walked back out.

'What is the situation, uh, Eatle?' one of the officers asked.

'Ever heard of a man named Captain Nemesis?' Eatle asked. 'Well that is the man who held up your gas station' Ben explained. 'Here, if you need to contact me, just dial "HT"' Eatle said as he touched the Omnitrix then touched the police receiver. Then he walked off to where Kai was hidden. Suddenly the Omnitrix began flashing red and it timed out.

'How do you know so much about that Omnitrix already?' Kai asked as they began walking off.

'I figured it out while we were running' Ben said. Then he got a phone call from his father.

'Ben, get home right away' Carl said. Then he hung up. Ben and Kai began running.

While the two were running towards Ben's house they heard a rustling in the bushes. Suddenly a figure burst out. He was wearing an orange suit.

'Captain Nemesis!' Kai shouted. Captain Nemesis grabbed Ben and held a blaster to his head.

'This is for ruining my hold up, kid.' Kai ran in and punched him in the face, then kicked him away.

'How do you know that was me?' Ben asked.

'I got some of your skin and scanned it, then began tracking your DNA' Captain Nemesis explained. Nemesis held his palm up and powered up his blaster, then shot at them. Ben quickly hit down on the Omnitrix at any alien.

'Cannonbolt!' he shouted. Ben rolled up and held Kai inside him as he belted himself at Nemesis.They battled for a long time before the Omnitrix began flashing. 'That's not good...' Ben said. He unrolled, put Kai down on the floor, rolled up and bounced Nemesis away into the sky. Then he transformed back to human.

'Are you okay?' Kai asked.

'No time, let's get going!' Ben demanded. The two began running off to Ben's home.

'Mom, dad! What's going on?' Ben shouted as he and Kai burst through the door. He found his mother and father crying.

'Ben. It's your mother' Carl said. She turned to face him with tears running down her face.

'I-I've got cancer' she said. Ben couldn't speak, either could Kai. Then Ben clicked.

'Kai, we were learning about DNA mutations, cancer is one of those mutations isn't it?' Ben asked.

'Yes b--'

'And Azmuth said the Omnitrix could repair DNA, didn't he?' Ben asked again. Now Kai knew where he was heading.

'Yeah!' Kai shouted.

'MOM! Quick, come here!' Ben said, pulling her over. 'Stand right there' Ben said. He held out the Omntrix and spoke to it: 'Omnitrix, repair broken DNA' Ben demanded.

'Omnitrix scanning for broken DNA cells. Cancer cell found. Repairing human DNA structure. Repair complete' it listed.

'Mom, your healed. Your cancer is gone' Ben said, hugging his mom.

'What do you mean?' Then Ben explained it all.

Ben, Gwen and Kai were running towards a factory.

'So you actually have the real Omnitrix?' Gwen asked.

'That's correct' Ben answered.

'And the police reported a break and enter at this factory?'

'Correct again.' They continued running.

At the factory, Ben spoke to the police.

'I'm here to help' he said.

'What do you mean?' the officer asked.

'It's me, Eatle' Ben said. The officer laughed in his face. 'I'm not kidding. I can transform into 10 different aliens. Just don't tell anyone except the police force' Ben said. The officer got serious.

'Ben, don't lie. Head on home, this is too dangerous for you.' Ben, Gwen and Kai ignored him and walked towards the door. Ben activated the Omnitrix and scrolled through looking for a good hologram. He found one that had a suit on, but then the suit disappeared to show an energy being.

'This looks good' he said, pushing down.

'NRG!' he shouted. He was in his containment suit. NRG smashed through the factory wall and walked in. Gwen created a platform of mana that she and Kai stood on as it floated through. Inside they saw a man with his hands on the energy boxes. The electricity flowed out of them and into him. His eyes were glowing a mad color and he definitely looked insane.

'STOP IT! YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF!' Gwen shouted, shooting a mana blast at him. The guy turned around to face them. His eyes glowed a bright color.

'Mind your own business!' he shouted, shooting a bolt of electricity at them. Gwen protected herself and Kai in a mana bubble. NRG's suit disappeared into his body and he flew at the man.

'Who are you?' NRG asked as he lifted the man, pulling him away from the box.

'I am Kevin E. Levin!' he shouted, putting his hands on NRG and electrocuting him. NRG just absorbed the energy and threw Kevin at a wall.

'That was a bad choice' NRG told him. NRG began growing as the electricity flowed through him, powering him. Kevin got back up. His hands began glowing with energy.

'No, you made a bad choice by coming here to challenge me!' Kevin challenged. He charged at NRG. NRG's suit grew over his body and he began charging back at Kevin. There was a big explosion as Kevin's electricity hit NRG's fire energy.

'Whaa!' NRG shouted as he flew through the air. His containment suit disappeared into the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. He stopped flying and floated in one spot, then waited to find Kevin's body and whether he was dead or alive. NRG flew into the dust, looking for Kevin. Kevin's hand shot out of the dust and grabbed onto NRG's Omnitrix symbol. There was a big flash and NRG screamed in pain. He quickly opened up his containment suit and it snapped shut on Kevin's hand.

'OW!' Kevin shouted. NRG shot out an energy beam from his eye slits and the smoke all disappeared, revealing Eatle. But there was something different. He didn't have an Omnitrix on his chest.

'Kevin?' NRG asked. Kevin laughed maniacally in Eatle's body.

'Judging by his big mouth I guess this guy eats stuff' Kevin said. NRG shot an energy beam from his eyes at Kevin. Kevin opened his mouth to swallow the beam but it went right through, throwing him backwards.

'Eatle cannot eat energy' NRG laughed. He put his hands to the floor and melted the floor. Kevin jumped through the lava trying not to burn himself too much. Ben grabbed onto Kevin and held him tightly while he removed his suit. Then he began absorbing Kevin's powers. Finally when Kevin was unconscious he threw him at the roof. Gwen and Kai walked over to him.

'We should go tell Grandpa about Azmuth and the Omnitrix' Gwen said.

'So that's what Azmuth told me and that is how I got the Omnitrix' Ben said. The four of them sat in silence. Finally Max spoke up.

'Wow, congratulations Ben. I can't believe that my grandson has the Omnitrix. I guess this means that you should join the Plumbers now' Max said.

'Hmm' Ben said, thinking.

In a random, dark area, Kevin was trying to change his shape into one of Ben's aliens.

'I'll get you!' he threatened.

Major Events

§ Ben meets Kai, Azmuth, Captain Nemesis, Wes, Yenaldooshi and Kevin Levin.

§ Ben's mom gets cancer.

§ Ben cures his mom's cancer.

§ Ben gains the Omnitrix.

§ Ben first transforms into Eatle, Cannonbolt and NRG.

§ Gwen first uses mana.



Aliens UsedEdit


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