Grey Fatter is a Galfat from the planets Galfat Prime and Galfat Mark II.


Grey Fatter's tummy size belies his great calculative and technical intellect. He has a very large brain hidden under all his fat. He can eat almost anything from spare parts and know the function of any device at a bite. Grey Fatter's weight serves as a problem solver and analytical help in difficult situations.

Additionally, he can sometimes eat living things by licking certain parts of their anatomy, if such beings can be controlled by external taste. Grey Fatter's fat allows him to break through spaces. He also has sharp teeth and his slimy fat makes him difficult to grab.


Grey Fatter's belly size makes him unsuitable for battle, so he must outsmart his enemies in a fight. Animals like dogs can pose a problem, as they may see Grey Fatter as a fat steak.


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