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First Appearance:

Prisoner 775 Returns



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Evolved Form:

Ultimate FuzzBall

FuzzBall is an alien available to Ben in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX. He resembles a cats head with a pigs nose. FuzzBall is one of Ben's favorite aliens in the series. He is also available in Ben 10: MEGA Alien.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

FuzzBalls powers are enhanced speed, agility and strength and the ability to absorb chemicals and turn it into a toxin which he can then release. When FuzzBall absorbs chemicals, dust and debris he grows and continues to grow until he decides to release the toxins. He can also sense what is around him and foresee attacks. Also he has four layers of thick fur which will keep him warm and protects him from attacks.


FuzzBall doesn't have much weaknesses apart from the fact that he is highly flammable. Also if he absorbs water he becomes incredibly ill, though he is able to float on water without absorbing it.




  • He is one of Ben's favorite aliens
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