Season 1 Plot
The lost brother Marionette realises that Freddy needs to go on a quest to find his missing brother, Golden Freddy!
Trapped in the mind Bonnie and Chica must unlock the hidden secrets to Golden Freddy's past!
Sprungtrapped Springtrap gets revenge on the Marionette. Meanwhile, Baby must uncover her friends darkness to recreate Ennard!
Eaten alive Freddy and Foxy are trapped inside the scooping room while trying to find the hidden keys to open the box!
The Golden Plan part. 1 Marionette and Golden Freddy must work together to recreate Ennard before Baby destroys everything, however, Baby created Ennard to be super evil
The Golden Plan part. 2 Ennard must help Marionette and Golden Freddy before Baby destroys everything in Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria
The good, the bad and the ugly Bonnie challenges BB to find out who is better looking

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