Falconator is a free-usage alien.


Falconator Cloaked
Falconator is an alien combination of a falcon and snake. He is yellow with long brown wings and a yellow horn on his head. There are patches of silver metal parts all over his body. On his mouth he has an orange beak. On his tail he has an egg-shaped bulb. It has three blue spikes on it and a green eye along with pink dots over it and two metal patches.


Falconator can fly and slither at extremely high speeds. He can alter the color of the scales over his body to became invisible and he can wrap his wings around his body in a cloak (like Big Chill). He can sonic screech and shoot lasers from his eyes. The egg on his tail is extremely hard and could do extensive damage if it were to hit someone. It can also hatch into a fire breathing bird.


The metal patches over Falconator's body glimmer in the light when he becomes invisible, often giving away his location.

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