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Season 2, Episode 38
Air date 11 June 2016
Written by Peter Wiseman

Chip Lynn Geffrey Throne & User:Ernief0000

Directed by Matt Youngberg
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Wolfman Gets 6 Warriors User:BoltBladerX And User:AFistfull And User:PokeRob User:Kraab User:Monitor Witch Is ATS's Brother And User:Sid They Go To Destroy Ernief Echoson Gains Contral Of The Time Beast Sorwad And Destroyes Rob With It

Transcript Edit

ATS Now Bigs And Bluefur The Vortex Will Never Be Yours It Has Its Puppes

Bigs Ugh

Bluefur Whatts That

Wolf Me

Bolt I Am The Warrior Stys Legend Say It That I Am Victory

Poke Yes He Is

Krab And I Am A Warrior

Fistfull We Are New

Mon I Am ATS's Brother

Sid And Im Vengens

ATS Hun No

Mon Yes Were Here To Serve You

ATS Good Rob

PokeRob Yes Sir

ATS Bring Me The Ultra Zord

Rob At Your Command

Malkor Ugh Vrak I Need More Power If I Am To Destroy Ernief You And Your Foolish Ways Make Me Mad If-

Vrak I Found Our Mutans

Damaras Ahhhhh Yes They Are Captured By ATS

Vrak il TGo

Malkor No A Monster Rot a Rog Go

Rog Yes

Ernief Ok Now That ATS Is Strong The Time Beast Weapon Is Reddy

Street A Attack

Rob Now-

Reo Ha

Rob You Fool Itys Mine

Sub Sci I Think ATS Is About To Earn It

Sci No Idiot Head Because You Dint Take The Test He Is Just Making Warriors Untill One Of His Warriors Are Defeated

Sub Your Right

ATS Laughs Soon The Vortex You 2 Idiots

Bigs Ha Master Malkor We Have Returned With The Vortex

Malkor Good Now It Begins

Rob Ugh

Reo Final Strike

Echoson Time Beast Slash

Ernief Were Did You Get That Power

Echoson From The Beyond




Rob Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- ATS Will Get His Vengens

ATS No Another Fail Big Form

Echoson Time Beast Megazord

Ernief I Am Here Finaly

Emac Nlo You Arent Getting Away With That Power I Am


Ernief Yes Ive Got It Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

Emac Gasp

Echoson Your Going To Paty

Rob In Your Dreams


Echoson Time Beast Slash


Echoson Finaly

Rob Ugh.......................No Why Is This This Way I-


Ernief Ha Finaly Now Your Down Emac I Will Finaly Get This Power To Destroy You

Emac Never (leaves)

Ernief Another Day


Echoson Wheres Ernie

Reo Actley Yeah

Echoson Hes Gone After The Beyond I Told Him I Shount Have But Hes Powers Are Like Mine Now

Ernief Yes They Are

The End






Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Aliens Used By StreetMEdit

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