this Is The Series Of Ernief 10

Next Ernief 10 Alien Force

Episodes Season 1Edit

1 Where It Begun

2 Soon My Minuns

3 When Time Uncoveres Truth

4 UltiVerse Wants Goop

5 Banned

6 What A Well Of Wishes

7 Omnitrix Not An Alreat

8 Revenge Is Mine

9 Once I Was Young

Season 2Edit

10 Sledge (episode) 

11 When UltiVerse Becomes Evil

12 Not An Deal

13 Bad Damand

14 New Fusion

15 UltiVerse Not Returinng

16 Sledge Thinks Twice

17 Unstopped By Invisable

18 Destrcotion

19 The End Begun

20 A New Dawn Has Rised

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