Convulture is a free-usage alien.



Convulture: Side-on, Front and open wings.

Convulture looks like a regular vulture. He has a smaller beak than regular vultures and has a neck tie with a small barrel on it. At the bottom of his body he has a metal box replacing his feet. When he opens his wings the metal box opens up revealing his feet. He is also 4 ft in height.


Convulture has enhanced strength and speed. He can magnetize objects with his metal box. His beak is razor sharp and can slice objects in half. From the barrel on his neck tie, he can shoot out beams that cause his foes to begin convulsing. His species uses this ability to capture their prey. Once the prey is convulsing they begin to eat it alive.


Convulture's size gives him away. Ben doesn't have much use for Convulture because Ben would rather not eat his foes alive...

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