Hello, BTFB.It's me the creator of Ben 10 UltiVerse.I got this idea from BTFF.Just add info of upcoming stuff in your show below!

Ben 10 UltiVerseEdit

Overall Sneak PeekEdit

In Season 1, Albedo unleashes many plans, just the beginning of the end.In Season 2, Dr. Animo creates the Thingamabob, a device which, if Dr. Animo taps it, will transform itself into mutants.The Map of Infinity is brought back in the fourth season as Albedo searches for it.In Season 5, well, Ben will get (transmission disrupted) and Dr. Animo will (transmission disrupted) and the Plumbers will (transmission shut down)!

Ep Sneak PeeksEdit

4 AgainEdit

In the Great Bank of Sulkis, Argit was fighting Tack.

(Tack): Give me the Taedenite and you'll be safe.

(Argit): No way.I'm gonna give these to Vulkanus and get me some money.

(Voice that sounded like Jetray): You're not getting anything.

Tack turned around and saw Ben as Jetray, Gwen, Kevin and Max.

(Argit): Tennyson!

Jetray transformed.

(Four Arms): Four Arms!

Kevin touched the ground, absorbing the material. Kevin, now in metal form, shifted his hands into maces.Gwen created a mana lasso to grab the metal crate full of Taedenite and put it on their side.

Forever and InfinityEdit

A car was moving through a jungle.The tyres hit a golden sword.The driver stopped the car and climbed out, revealing to be none other that Howell Wayneright.Howell closed the door and knelt down to see the sword.

(Howell, taking the sword): Incredible!

He opened his car door and put the sword on the passenger seat.He closed the door, started the car and drove away.

The ChaseEdit

In an underground Plumbers' base, Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Max were sitting in front of a giant computer screen.

(Ben): Anything yet?

(Kevin): Nope, nothin'.

Professor Paradox teleported in.

(Gwen): What's the sitch?

(Professor Paradox): Various villains have travelled to the past, future and alternate futures to gain the Omnitrixes.

(Max): Are they connected?

(Professor Paradox): No, the attacks are all random.

Enjoy the sneak peek and the series itself!

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