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Colourless is an alien in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX and Ben 10: MEGA Alien. He is a last resort alien, just like Way Big.


Colourless has a blue face with spikes on it. He has a jetpack on his back, a large yellow torso with powerful animal like arms, webbed red feet with fins on his legs.


Colourless sucks away the colour from anything and everything. By doing this he can either completely erase an object or make it a pile of goo. He can also fly with great speed, swim with great speed and has super strength. A currently unseen power of his is the ability to bring objects to life.




Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIXEdit

Colourless debuts in Colourless, Part 2.

Ben 10: MEGA AlienEdit

Colourless makes his reappearance in Escape Plans when Ben was about to go MEGA Way Big as a result of not being able to handle the aliens. He later became Ben after the aliens fake surrendering.


  • Colourless is an artificial alien, created by Ben with the Species Creation Function.
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