Binky and the Bagpipes

Squad B was at McArgit's. Harvett was gobbling down a shake. Blaze was munching some chicken nuggets and fries. Snuggie was playing with the toy that came with his Porcipine Meal, and Redo was gulping down a smoothie. 'Hey, where's Bink?' Snuggie asked. 'Instrument store.' said Harvett. Suddenly, Binky flew in! She was holding bagpipes. 'Hey, look guys! I got bagpipoes! Listen to me play!' Bink said as she started to play. 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEE-UUUUUUUUH-OOOOOOO-DO-LAAAAA-UH-WEE-WEEEEEEEEEEEE-UUUUUUH-WOOOOOO-DO-LAAAAAAAA...'As Binky kept playing, her eyes turned purple,and as she played the final note, Binky dropped the bagpipes and started laughing in Zs'Saykr's voice. Slowy, Zs'Saykr himslef creeped out of BInk's body! 'Ha, ha, ha!' he laughed. 'You fools cannot stop me!!! I have control over Binkatong!' 'I don't think so, Zs'Saykr!' said Harvett. 'Emerger!' he shouted into his Plumber's badge. He began to turn into a Fantasman. 'Blazewolf!' Blaze shouted as he turned into a Loboan. 'Fasttrack!' shouted Snuggie. 'Eye Guy!' said Redo. Once everyone had transformed, Zs'Saykr said to Binky 'Seize them!' Yes, master.' Bink held up her Plumber's badge. 'Diamondhead.' she said into it mechanically. She slowly morphed into a Petrosapien.Harvett went intangible and went after Zs'Saykr. He fired a green beam at Zs'Saykr, and Zs'Sakyr said 'Binkatong! Seize Harvett!' Yes, master. Lodestar.' Bink said. She slowly turned into a Biosovortian. She began to magnetize Harvett. 'Don't! You can't have magnets near electricity! You'll kill him!' Blaze shouted. 'I must please my master...' Bink said, still magetizing. 'Cannonbolt!' Bink heard from behind her. Bink turned around, and suddenly was captured by an Aruibian Pelarota! Blaze hadturned into it to trap Bink. Blaze began to roll around.Inside Blaze, Blaze kept punching at Binky's bagpipes until they broke. Suddenly, Binky passed out, and her eyes returned from purple to green. The bagpipes had taken over her mind.Blaze let Binky go, just in time for them to see Zs'Sakyr fall from the air due to defeat and to hear him say 'I warn you, Squad B, I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkk...' as he fell into the floor. As everyone turned back into their dominant forms, Harvett said 'Well, it looks like we've got our Binky back.'


End of Short #2!

You should do a fan list. Fan List be GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD... 12:12, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

(Short by Levin RATH)

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