Coming ready or not here i come ben and rook were playing a game until something went wrong
Ben 23's future ben,rook and ben 23 must team up to stop a threat at bellwwod in the future
Im alone and free ben gets alone at school and gets a new friend
Clyde where are you clyde gets missing after a freaky mission to stop psyphon.
Frozen solid attea and ben must stop a threat in all planets
Bens evil twin albedo took over the omnitrix to send it to vilgax
And then there were none vilgax and eon teamed up to stop every ben in every demension 
And then there was ben vilgax has now destroyed eon and now claimed his throne. Will ben team up with others?
10 vs 23 ben and ben 23 are arguing over a stupid artifact
Rook tales rook and ben must stop master kundo from attacking clyde.

Season 1

Season 2

Master claims his throne psyphon and albedo must stop ben from getting the gem of light.
Clyde 5 clyde and clyde from the future must stop the future vilgax from attacking the missing alien from the omnitrix
An american big chill in london ben must help kia to stop subdora and exo skull from getting the orb from the english museum.
Fright at mr. Smoothy ben and rook are scared of a mysterious ghost from mr. Smoothy
Blukic and driba go to the museum ben must stop the smart galvans from breaking the artifacts.
When mad ben attacks mad ben and mad rook are destroying bens house to find the last alien.
Chomper ben kept on turning into eatle and upchuck to eat a lot of things
Time part 1 professor paradox must stop eon from destroying time
Time part 2 eon has now started the time war
Ben on the run ben is on the run to stop subdora

Season 3

I misheard that ben, rook and skurd must stop eon from starting the time war.
Secrets gwen must not tell ben and rook her secrets
Ghost buster Ben and Rook must stop Eon from setting the Ghostfreaks free.
Good times part 1 ben and rook stopped eon in a time race and has now to beat mad ben
Good times part 2 ben and rook must stop mad ben from destroying time
Vilgaxs last laugh ben and rook has now destroyed vilgax and psyphon from breaking albedo free.
Why, school ben hated school and it is up to him to go and find a home school
Forth times a charm charmcaster is back and is destroying undertown with her uncle hex.
23 is my luck ben 23 and rook 23 are trying to stop eon in thier time
A new dawn ben wakes up and finds out that he is in the middle of no where

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