Note: This is the renewed version of Ben 10 Hero Of The Universe

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This series takes place after Ben 10 Omniverse. Ben is 21 years old. Gwen, who is 21 years old, and Kevin, who is 22 years old, join 71 year old Max to become a team with Ben. The main villain of the series is Albedo. Kevin has a much different attitude as he has no more interest in cars, money, alien tech or auto shows. Ben will gain nine new alien forms. Characters that were rarely seen, like Tetrax and Myaxx, will appear. Ben will gain the Ultimatrix 2.0, a new watch which enhances his aliens' powers. Despite the events in the Ultimate Alien episode, Couples Retreat, Charmcaster and Darkstar will be a couple. Ben and his team better watch their backs, Albedo is planning something way big.


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  • Heatblast is the first alien used.
  • Every character, alien and villain listed above will appear in the show.
  • The aliens in the Ultimatrix 2.0 will be enhanced.
  • There will be a lot of time travel,as shown above,there are quite a few episodes about Ben's future.
  • DAA is canon to this series.