Everything changes as Ben Tennyson returns with his friends in a whole new series, Ben 10: UltiVerse Force! Taking place six years after the prequel, 27 year old Ben will wield the Omnifinitrix, an Omnitrix made up of all the past Omnitrixes Ben has ever had, combined with the Ascalon and the Map of Infinity! Things change as Ben will move from his parents' house to a new city, Omnitrix City, a city which Ben and many D.U.H members build to allow humans and aliens to live harmoniously. The Rust Bucket II is now fully upgraded with state-of-the-art alien technology. Although a lot of changes occur, there are a few things staying the same, such as Albedo is still the main villain, and Ben has the same teammates, but with another member, Rook.


Recurring CharactersEdit

Alien FormsEdit

Ultimate FormsEdit



Season 1Edit

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Fan ListEdit

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  • Although present Ben unlocks Ultimate Ben, he will not use him often.
  • A few characters from the prequel, Ben 10 UltiVerse do not appear in this sequel.
  • Rook is fighting evil with Ben once again, only this time along with Gwen, Kevin and Max.

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