All the episodes in Ben 10: Matrix Universe.

Season 1Edit

Alien InvasionEdit

Series Premiere: After Vilgax doesn't return to Vilgaxia, people resort to the idea that he is dead, and the next in line, WrathTack, takes up the thrown and declares war with the humans and Earth. But the only reason he did all this was to avenge his dad by killing Ben. Will Ben live?

Written by UEEF09 and Anon.

Stupidity ForceEdit

Some wierd dude makes Ben really, really stupid and it's up to Gwen and Kevin to try and make him normal again. Will Ben come back to his senses?

Written by UEEF09.

Snack Machine SmackdownEdit

After Ben and co. defeat Psyphon, Ben wants a treat. He puts in his money but the machine's broken. He tries to get his snack as Upgrade but that just unearths a deadly Galvanic Mechamorph, named Technol. And the worst thing is Ben's stuck as Upgrade. Can the gang defeat this evil Mechamorph?

Written by Anon.

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