This is the episode guide for the series Ben 10: Hero Time.

Season 1Edit

Hero TimeEdit

Hero Time is a movie-length series premier. 10 year old Ben is mucking around in his final class before summer vacation begins. After school ends he is cornered by two bullies, Cash and JT. They try to fight him but Ben is lucky enough to throw one good punch to scare them off. When his Grandpa arrives Ben boards his RV to find his cousin which he is unhappy to see. A montage of events during the vacation show. 15 Year old Ben is shown at school. He is shown to be popular and smart and athletic. After school he asks his best friend Kai out on a date and the two become an item. During their date that night they are approached by a Galvan of which they are not shocked to meet (due to being introduced to the Plumbers). He explains that he is Azmuth and that the Earth will be needing Ben shortly, then hands him the Omnitrix. With that he leaves. Ben decides to check out the Omnitrix and transforms. Then there is reports of a man breaking and entering into a factory. Ben and Kai go and check it out and find 16 year old Kevin E. Levin stealing energy from the factory. He begins attacking the couple but they fight him off. The movie ends with Ben, Gwen and Kai talking to Grandpa Max and with Kevin far away swearing on vengence.

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