Baron is one of Brian's aliens in ABC 10. He is a Bareenasapien from an unknown planet.


Baron looks like a human without legs. The top of his face is tannish brownish, with two flaps that come down. A red handkerchief covers the bottom half. He has black circles for eyes and no mouth. The flaps come down to two red flaps on where his neck would be if he had one. He has two long ape arms. On his body, he has two brownish tannish stripes, and one green stripe in the middle. He hovers with soundwaves coming from where his body ends.


Baron only has one main power: controlling battles. That way, he will always win. To make this seem possible, he has punching impact for his power.


If Baron gets hit in the chest with enough force, he will bob up and down and up and down for a long time, much like a bobblehead or punching bag.

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