is da first episode of Men 10


We start off ze episode with Illgax's ship

(Illgax, mad): WHERE'S (cough) ZE (tummy ache) OMITRIX? (barfs)

(Drone): It's in Jazzmuth's ship.

(Illgax): WELL, (headache) DESTROY (snots flies out of his invisible nose) HIM (super barf) AND (more snot) STEAL (cough) DA (even more snot) OMITRIX!

(Drone): But stealing is wrong, sir.

(Illgax , voice swealling up) THAT'S (tummy ache kicks in) THE (ultra barf) POINT, YOU (headache gets worse) DIMWAD.

(Dtone): That is hurtful but kk.

(Illgax): And yet noone get in my way (cough again) AND GET ME MAH COUGH DROP!

Meanwhile on Earth, we see a classroom with 10 year old Men Mennyson waiting for the bell to ring.

(Men): Come on you retared bell ring, I really gotta pee!

Men randomly throws a paper Homer Simpson at his teacher who turns around and looks at him. Men hides his face by covering it with a MAD Magainze.

(Theme Song!)

The bell rings.


(Teacher): Men, come here. NOW.

(Men): Awww. (Mumbling) Stupid school and teachers and detention.

Later , we now see outside of the school with Bash and JZ beating up Omie. Men walks out of the classroom.

(Men): Hey, Bash and JZ are beating up Omie again. I'll save him after I go and pee.

So he went to the toilets.

Later , Men came out of the bathroom

(Men): That really hit the spot , now what was I supposed to do again? Oh yeah , save Omie from those two weird guys.

Men ran at Bash who turned his way and punched him.

(Bash): ... You're an idiot Mennyson. Nobody, and I say nobody, messes with Bash.

(Men): Oh yeah! Know who else is a idiot? ...YOUR MOM!

Bash's face turn red and steam came out of his ears

(Bash): U BETTER TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW , MENNNYSON! Yo , JZ help me beat Mennyson

(JZ): Sure chiz.

We now see Men and Omie hanging from their underwear from the top of a pole.

(Omie): Thanks alot loser

(Men): I was just trying to help , okay.

(Omie): Well , next time you wanna save someone , count me out.

Then Grandpa Lax's RVV comes

(Lax): Come on now , Men. We can't be late or else those weird negihbors of your will beat us there.

(Men): Grandpa , a little help here and I think I wet my pants.

(Omie): Ew!


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