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Species: Amperi
Home planet: Unknown
Body type: Humanoid Jellyfish
Abilities: Electrokinesis
Electrical Teleportation
Electrical Absorption and Redirection
Mind Reading
Structure Alteration
Speed Swimmer
Underwater Breathing
Stretchable Arms
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AmpFibian is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Amperi from the Andromeda galaxy.


AmpFibian is a blue jellyfish-like alien with six long, tentacles that function as two pairs of arms and a pair of legs.

AmpFibian wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

AmpFibian controls one of the five elements, his being lightning or electricity. AmpFibian can produce lightning. He can shoot lightning blasts from his arms and can fly. He can also breathe underwater and swim at high speeds. AmpFibian can squeeze through tight and small spaces, as a lack of bones can't restrict his movements and can travel through electric currents by morphing into electricity. Ra'ad can sense the electrical pulses in the minds of other life forms, allowing him to read their thoughts. It's confirmed AmpFibian doesn't know how to do this. He can also stretch his arms to a decent length. He is also capable of absorbing electrical energy and electric based projectiles and firing them at his enemies, as seen in the episode Deep when he absorbed the guards' energy net and sent it back at them.


If AmpFibian has any electricity in his body and he is touching water, he will electrocute himself.

Ultimate AlienEdit

  • In Fused, AmpFibian's DNA was sampled and put in the Codon Stream by sampling Ra'ad's DNA, trapping Ra'ad in the Ultimatrix as well. Aggregor tried to take AmpFibian to replace Ra'ad. Kevin managed to put the Ultimatrix in Reset Mode, turning AmpFibian back to Ben and freed Ra'ad.
  • In Deep, AmpFibian swam to the Piscciss core.
  • In Viktor: The Spoils, AmpFibian's electric abilities were used to put King Xarion's mind in Dr. Vicktor's body.

Ben 10 UltiVerseEdit

He will appear soon.The enhancements made to him with the Ultimatrix 2.0 are more powerful electric blasts and mind reading and faster flight.

Video GamesEdit

Coscmis DestructionEdit

AmpFibian is a playable alien in Cosmic Destruction.

Galactic RacingEdit

AmpFibian is a playable alien in Galactic Racing.

Punch Time Explosion and XLEdit

is One of Aliens used by Ben as especial attack.


Ultimate AlienEdit

Generator RexEdit

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