Jake 13
Season 2, Episode 6
Written by ET
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Alien Napped is the sixth episode of the second season of Jake 13. It is the nineteenth episode overall.


Jake and Robbie are kidnapped by a deranged man. The man hacks into the local news station and begins streaming videos of himself harming the boys on live television. When he discovers Jake's Rognitrix, he chloroforms Jake and begins experimenting with it. After a while he attempts to take it off Jake.


Robbie was driving himself and Jake to their homes. School had just finished. Jake had a horrible head ache, so he was lying back on the seat. Robbie looked over at Jake sympathetically, then looked back at the road. There was a strange buzzing noise coming from behind them. Using the rear view mirrors, Robbie checked out exactly what was going on. There was a destroyed car coming up from behind them at a high speed. The man driving it was holding a bazooka. Slowly, his hand reached over and grabbed the trigger.

'JAKE!' Robbie shouted. Jake looked behind them and quickly hit the Rognitrix, not worrying about changing the hologram. 'Overflow!' Jake shouted. He jumped up and merged with the bullet that shot out from the bazooka. The bullet began gaining enhancements. Its back opened up and they a flame shot out of it, pushing it through the air.

'Robbie, watch out for that guy!' Jake shouted. He began flying off until all the gases inside the bullet were emptied out. Overflow dropped the bullet and began merged with an empty car that was around him, then he drove on until he found Robbie, continuing to follow the man with a bazooka. Jake jumped off the car and merged with Robbie's.

'I'm falling behind, can you enhance the car?' Robbie asked.

'No problem.' The back of the car began opening up. Wings shot out from each side of the car. The car lifted off into the air and began flying after the man. As they got close, Overflow became invisible. They followed the car to a house where the man got out, grabbed all the belongings from within the car and ran into the house. Slowly, Overflow landed the car and they walked through to the house, followed by Robbie.

'So what are we going to do when we get in there?' Robbie whispered.

'I don't know, capture him, I guess' Overflow whispered back. They walked through and continued on down a hall. Then, the Rognitrix began flashing a bright red color. Overflow was transformed back to regular Jake. Then, the deranged man appeared at the other end of the hall. He smiled evily.

'Perfect' he said, then he tazed Jake and Robbie.

To Be Completed...



  • Deranged Man

Aliens UsedEdit

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