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Adwaita is a villain in Ben 10: MEGA Alien. He is a Geochelone Aerio that mastered magic thousands of years ago. He's an evil mystic being considered as the most powerful sorcerer in the universe. He was slightly mentioned and introduced in Where the Magic Happens, and is responsible for the death of Spellbinder, Charmcaster's father.


Adwaita is a turtle-like creature with pink fire-like energy surrounding his head.


Adwaita, at some point, got his hands on the Alpha Rune, an exceedingly strong and powerful magical mystic item (which was actually a piece of the Map of Infinity in disguise) and reached the interdimensional world of Ledger Domain. He got corrupted by the immense power and energy the artifact possesses. The inhabitants of Ledger Domain, though incredibly strong and powerful sorcerers and sorceresses, were unable to defeat him and their leader, Spellbinder, was forced to send his brother, Hex, and his daughter, Charmcaster, to Earth in order to keep them safe, while he did that, Adwaita ruthlessly murdered him and took control of Ledger Domain as a ruthless dictator. He had also magically mystically enslaved most of the people of Ledger Domain to do his bidding.


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The Ultimate Enemy Part 2 (flashback cameo)*

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Ben 10: MEGA AlienEdit

Adwaita makes his first reappearance in Good Payback and later becomes a recurring villain and later the main antagonist in the first season.