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Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 5 September 2015
Written by Ashley Winter &

Stan Sutton

Directed by Britta Johnstone
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Revenge Is Mine
Sledge (episode)

Transcript Edit

Sledge 10 Energems In My Hands Yes Finaly

Fury Ugh Sledge Foiled My Plans

Zeltrax My Newest Ally Wrench You Will Help Me Defeat These Ernief Team

Wrench Yes Sir My Newest Ally Curio

Curio I Will Help You

Sledge No More Allys Ive Got A Monster Koko

Koko Yes

Fury Ugh Sledge No Victory

Sledge Ive Got The Energe- Hun Noooooooooooooo

(the energems fall to earth red goes in the base)

Ernief The Red Energem Guys They Fell To Earth Im Going To Find Em

Street We Are Coming

Sledge No Impossable Ernief Will Be After Them Koko Find Em

Koko Yes

Ernief Ok Wheres Fury Look

UltiVerse Power Up

Fury Ernie & Ulty Ahhhhh

Ernief Looking For This

Fury The Red Energem Give It To Me

Ernief Think Again

Echo Echo Sonic Boom


UltiVerse Ernie That Will Not Hold Him For Long

Ernief Lets Move

Koko Ugh The Gold Energem Master Sledge I Found The Gold Energem

Ernief Ulti Look Out

Fury Master Sledge Was A Fool So I Will Invate But You Will Give Me The Red Energem Or Suffer My Wrath

Goop Think Again Im Red


Fury Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ernief Ulti Get Reo Take This With You Im Going To Find 9 Other Energems You Go With The Red One

Koko Yes 9 To Go

Fury Think Again Koko

Koko Ahhhhh Fury The Formmer Assiet Of Sledge Ugh I Can't Stand You You And Your Stupid Ways

Fury Well Give-

Ernief No

Fury Ernie Impossable

Ernie Power Up

Four Arms Red Slash


Fury Die

Koko Sledge Will Be Happy (grabs gold and leaves)

Ernief No

Fury Goodbye Ernie (leaves)

Sledge 2 Of Em

Koko Sorry But I Only Grabbed 1 I Will Get The Red One

Koko Run Humans You Puny Things

Swampfire Wow Cool Blade Slash


Koko Fool

Sledge Ahhhh Yes The Blue Energem Is Close

Koko Master Sledge Wants His Energem

Ernief Think Again


Koko Sledge Now

Sledge Maxibeem

Koko Hahaha

Ernief Megazord Time

Koko Think-

UltiVerse Take This


Fury Sledge Who Ever Finds 8 Energems 1st Wins Keep Serching Laughs

Sledge Idiot

Koko Goodbye

Ernief Red Energem Final Slash


Fury Ahhhhhhh Wrench Is Ther Newest Gest I Hate Him Hes A Fool Sled- The Blue Energem 1 I Found Now 7 More

The End


Sledge Acdley Plays Around With The 10 Energems And 1 Falls Into The Hands Of Ernief And 1 Fury Finds But Sledges Newest Monster Takes It







Aliens Used By ErniefEdit


Four Arms


Aliens Used By UltiVerseEdit

Echo Echo

Goop (2x)

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